A personalized program for helping founders with insights, world-class advisor network, positioning and right-stage investor access needed to unlock their vision.

For Founders

Founderlist was conceptualized from Better Capital’s experience of investing in 40+ early stage startups - like Open, Rupeek, LeanAgri, ShopKirana, Paper & more. The learnings from working with 150+ founders during this time to help several of them evolve rapidly and become “investible” are at the core of Founderlist. The failures were equally educating, if not more.

  • Insights to uncover correct market positioning
  • Global experts network for crucial inputs
  • Story building to create high-impact decks
  • Right-stage investor meetings to close funding

Founderlist is the Anti-Shark Tank. We believe in sitting on the same side of the table as you, understand the gaps (instead of seeing them as problems) and iterate continuously to figure out the correct market positioning, product and GTM by brainstorming closely with you and calling on the experts in our network as and when needed. We’ve spent weeks as well as months with founders to get to what we call as “highly investible”. We then stage-match you with the best-in-class investors. Founderlist is a work-in-process and we intend to learn & iterate with you to scale the core vision. Please apply here to start a conversation.

What Founders Say

Amit Gupta

Amit Gupta Co-founder & CEO, Yulu Co-founder of unicorn InMobi, IIT Kanpur Alum

"Vaibhav was introduced to me by one of my trusted friends a few months ago, we later discovered so many common connections. Now I consider him as my good friend. He is one of the few seed stage investors in India who can see the big picture and able to ask the right question to judge the potential of the team. He helped me with my seed stage funding where he exceeded the funding goal by 140% in a matter for 5 days. If you have a crazy dream, determination to chase it and can build the right team to execute, I strongly recommend talking to him to help with your funding.

Amit Gupta

Surya P. & Sarang I. Co-founders, Skill-Lync YCombinator W2019

"Vaibhav has been one of our very early backers. He did his research before taking our meeting and knew the questions he wanted to ask us. He heard us out, asked his questions, he allowed us to speak and made a commitment of participating in our round during the first meeting itself. Post that he went on and gave us very strong introductions to other investors and built conviction amongst them as well. From what we have seen, if Vaibhav likes a company, he will be a strong backer who gives the right introductions to people who will invest. He has a strong network, which he uses wisely.

Shachin Bharadwaj

Shachin Bharadwaj Co-founder & CEO, Sminq Co-founder of TastyKhana
(acq. by Foodpanda)

"Vaibhav has been an ideal early investor for us. As a product person himself, he has been our goto guy to help us with goto market and product market fit strategies. He understands board dynamics (with VCs) very well and advices founders keeping both sides in mind. He gives honest & blunt feedback which I personally think is very important for founders to hear in early days.

Bhasker “Bosky” Kode

Bhasker “Bosky” Kode Founder & CEO, Bon.pe

"Vaibhav will listen, support and then add his unique perspective no matter what stage of your entrepreneur journey - from a coffee to discuss your next gig; to fund raising globally.

Aakash & Siddhant

Aakash & Siddhant Co-founders, SwiftAce YCombinator W19, Ex-Twitter, IIT Bombay

"Vaibhav has been extremely helpful & supportive right from the start, when we had little more than an idea and a prototype. He was one of the few people who could see the big picture, & made relevant introductions with data science leaders in India & Silicon Valley. This helped us validate our hypotheses & define our direction. Vaibhav also helped us closely with every step of the fundraising process: deciding how much to raise, finding the right investors, finding the right partners for accounting & legal paperwork & much more. Apart from being an investor, we’re really lucky to have Vaibhav as a friend, mentor & advisor.

For Investors

If you are a super angel investor, a family office, a seed fund or a Series A fund, then think of Founderlist as a source of discovering highly curated early stage startups that are stage-matched to you. Founderlist connects you to stellar founders after we have worked with them for weeks or months or quarters and when we truly believe they are “investible” and deserve a high quality investor audience that actively invests.

If this appeals to you, then please request access here to learn more.

If you are an individual angel investor, you can co-invest alongside us by backing our AngelList syndicate here.
Raveen Sastry

Raveen Sastry

Multiply Ventures
Co-founder of Myntra, NudgeSpot

"Better Capital has been an incredible partner for us. Better’s access to founders, thesis around investments and the due diligence are unparalleled.

Melissa Frakman

Melissa Frakman

Founder & Managing Partner at EMVC

"Vaibhav is an inciscive, thoughtful partner to founders and investors. We've enjoyed collaboration across early-stage opportunities. Founderlist is a valuable addition to the growing Indian startup community.


Founderlist is a scaled version of “what we learned by doing pre-seed & seed stage investing at Better Capital” for the benefit of founders and investors, alike.

Vaibhav Domkundwar

Vaibhav Domkundwar


Founderlist is, in essence, a systematization of all the learnings from Vaibhav’s fast pace early stage investing in 20 stellar companies in 5 quarters at Better Capital - with insaned learnings from founders and investors both. Founderlist is an attempt to solve those problems at a reasonable scale & Vaibhav is responsible for designing the core operating system of this system.

Darshan Doshi

Darshan Doshi


Darshan is our point man for all things Operations. He is a Babson grad (the entrepreneurship mecca), has run accelerators (Reliance’s JioGenNext, Wadhwani Foundation’s Venture ScaleUp & Flame’s Center of Entrepreneurship) and understands the challenges as well as opportunities for building a personalized accelerator that we are building with Founderlist.